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I Praise God for leading me to NETS!

God Truly has a Special Purpose and Plan for each one of us. Through the NETS Training Program and the Experience of Bible Work, God has revealed His Purpose and Plan for me which has fulfilled the desires of my heart. The NETS Training prepared me for this Full Time Ministry that God had planned. God has opened the way for me to continue in Bible Work along with sharing the Health message through a Health Food Ministry called “Heidi’s Health Kitchen”.

Learn more about how God is using this Ministry of Health Reformation to reach souls at HeidisHealthKitchen.com


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/heidi/

What NETS has done for me, I haven’t seen in my 50 years as a Seventh-day Adventist.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/adriano/

An amazing, powerful, life-changing experience that will empower you to finish the work!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/christie/

Beloved, If you would like to experience the power of God working in and through your life or if you have found that your evangelistic zeal is very low, Come for Evangelistic Training at NETS. If you would like to overcome barriers to evangelism, barriers to boldness, and fear of not knowing how to share Jesus or what to say, Come for Evangelistic Training at NETS. NETS provides to all who enlist(enroll) the Christ centered apostolic approach that combines the education of biblical truth with the practical application of sharing that truth to others. You are officially and personally invited to be a part of NETS. P.S. This invitation is coming from a graduate of NETS who knows that this will assist you in your journey as you seek to be about our Father’s business. III John 1:2 Maranatha!!!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/mark/

Had no regrets! Everything I learned I’m currently using in my ministry as a Literature Evangelist. Thanks NETS!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/nicole/

Life changing! I loved every day of it.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/jan/

This Program is very practical, it’s very biblical, it’s very solid. For any lay member, this is just the perfect program if you want to take your experience to the next level. NETS was a wonderful experience for me. It offers Bible-based instruction and practical training with awesome instructors! Life changing indeed!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/steve/

NETS changed my life forever, the skills and knowledge I gained from attending the training, has propelled me to a whole new level. Church members and pastors place me in positions where they can utilize the skills that I have learned from NETS. Thanks NETS, for giving me the tools to equip others to do God’s work.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/ralph/

If you want to get closer to God and have greater knowledge of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, then come to Nets!! It was truly a blessing and will catapult you into the calling God has for you! Go forward!!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/tina/


One of my most favorite things as far as NETS is concerned is the learning style. I really like the fact that not only do I get classroom training but field training, as well. I like the fact that NETS spends the time to prepare a program that allows us to get a taste of evangelism [for] ourselves rather than just hear about how it has worked for others. Besides that, if I had to pick one thing out of the many things we did for NETS it would probably have to be the door knocking.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/bo/

Last fall I had the privilege of attending the NETS program. It was an amazing experience! I knew I needed knowledge and experience in evangelism, but I wasn’t sure where to turn at first. God pointed me right where he wanted me. At NETS, I learned so much about what evangelism is and truly should be. The instructors are awesome and well qualified to do what they do. My one initial conversation with them assured me that their hearts were in the right place. Now I know so much more about how I can work for The Lord, and it has set me on fire (hypothetically). If you want to find out how you can serve God better, this is the place for you!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/alexandria/

What I like most about NETS is the personal experience you get, both spiritual and social. It’s a life-changing experience.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/bernard/

The classes offered are interesting and very practical. But the best part is the supportive environment to spend with God every moment of every day.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/mckinzie/

We’ve heard it said before, “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.”; “Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand alone.” and also “God meets us where we are, but doesn’t leave us there.” These are all encompassing of what the NETS program is to me. The reason I had for initially participating in NETS, quickly changed as the Lord catapulted me into this great adventure.

The Lord used NETS not only to train and equip academically in the areas of personal/public evangelism, and health ministries; but even more importantly to reach deep inside my heart to give me His heavenly perspective for winning souls through His method of mingling with people, ministering to their needs, desiring their good, winning their confidence and then bidding them “Follow Him”. Too often we have it backwards, and also think it is our job to “clean” the people. Not so. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. We are called to “love” them as Christ loves.

Through NETS the Lord also brought out a love for specific ministry and molded a “talent” in me that I had honestly not realized. The ministry of Bible work, door-to-door and one-on-one study was intimidating to me. However as the Lord’s ways are often not our ways, He prepared me at NETS for my current employment as a district Bible worker. Glory to God for this unexpected opportunity that I believe He began giving me the ability to accomplish each day through His grace, instruction and guiding hand at NETS. I would encourage anyone that is sensing the Lord’s call for further training in His work of reaching the lost, to say yes to NETS. Time is short! The harvest is great! Jesus is coming VERY soon and we need to be about His business!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/jenni/


NETS was a life changing experience for me! The lessons learned have really opened my eyes to the mission we have as followers of Jesus. Our Lord tells us in Matthew 28 to go! And He promises us that He will be with us till the end of the world.

NETS will equip you to go as the Master commands us! To learn how to share our faith and to reach out to people is priceless! There is nothing more important than that!

We were taught at NETS that everyone is winnable for Christ! Everyone we see and come across is a precious soul in the sight of our Lord!
I highly recommend NETS to everyone! Maybe God is leading you into Bible work. Or maybe He is leading you to share God’s Holy Word from the pulpit. Where ever God is leading you He will prepare you for it at NETS.

Nothing compares to being a part of the work for Jesus! Thank you NETS for changing my life! I continue to pray daily for this school!

Doug B. Sr

Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/doug-berrill-sr/

NETS was just what the doctor ordered! Life was in a huge transition for me and this program fit the bill to the ‘T’. Teachers who understand the mission and the awesome mission field set before us!

The visiting teachers who came provided mind blowing ideas and methods on how to reach not only the neighbor next door but the neighbor from around the globe. Would highly recommend this to anyone!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/chris-armantrout/

My experiences at NETS have changed my life completely. The classes were very clear and edifying; the instructors were Christ centered and they all had one goal, bringing people to Jesus before the door of probation is closed. It is a very exciting program and there isn’t ever a dull moment. I never understood the need of workers or the greatness of the labor. If anyone wants to work along angels finishing the work God has entrusted us to do I would suggest becoming a Bible Worker. It’s a life changing work, for you and for those who come to Christ. Go to NETS!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/shane-mangroo/

This past fall, I spent four amazing months at NETS. I cannot put into words just how awesome it was to see God working in the lives of Bible study contacts, my classmates, even my own life. It still blows my mind that God chose to use us humans, faulty and sinful, as we are to bring others to Him. He could have chosen mighty angels, but He chose us. Today, I draw on the training I received at NETS, from classes like Bible Doctrines and Health Evangelism to preparing, knocking on doors for, and finally giving Bible studies, in my work as a literature evangelist, one soon as a part-time Bible worker. I had never had teachers who were so Christ-like and available to answer my questions. If you want to work for God or sense a need to draw closer to Him, check out NETS! You won’t regret it!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/betty/

I LOVED NETS. It was practical, informative, purposeful, prayerful, familal, and Christ centered. This is the place for anyone you who is interested in fortifying their faith and sharing that faith with others. I am proud to call it my Alma Mater.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/raisa/

I am now a Bible worker because of NETS. This program is amazing. It is extremely practical. The teachers and guest speakers were the best in their craft. Everything is practical, simple, and proved to work when we applied it was applied to outreach and bridge events while training. I grew spiritually so I could help others and really understood what our mission is which is to bring lost sheep back top the flock.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/sarah/

I grew up being an Adventist. Even though I have never left the church I was looking for something more – for closer relationship with God, deeper understanding of the Bible, and being able to share my faith with others. NETS exceeded my expectations. At NETS I was equipped beyond what I was looking for. They even taught me on how to teach others. Only at NETS I fully understood the meaning of the great commission and discipleship. There my spiritual life has enhanced drastically. Coming to NETS was not an easy decision, but it was the best decision I have made thus far.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/alina/

This was an excellent program, with fantastic leadership. I am still building from the foundation that I started here, I recommend everyone go through this who is looking to really own your religious walk.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/aaron/

NETS! Great Course. Informative, practical and relevant. The in-house and guest lecturers, provided a wonderful balance of experience, knowledge and spiritual insights. The Personal Evangelism class was invaluable, we were not only given the theory, but we had the wonderful experience of knocking on doors, giving bible studies in the homes of those visited, and witnessing some of these individuals giving their lives to Christ. Oh what a joy! After completing the 4 months training with NETS my life was totally transformed, and I am experiencing a deeper walk with Christ through personal time in devotion. Do you want to experience a deeper walk with Christ? Do you want to know how to share Christ with someone? Do you want to know and understand the Bible better? I would recommend NETS as the place to be.


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/andrew/

Before NETS I didn’t know if I was coming or going. NETS has taught me so much and it has opened many doors for me. Today because of NETS I have the privilege of doing Bible work. NETS has drawn me closer to the Lord and has giving me a purpose in life which is to fulfill the gospel commission. Praise God for NETS!


Links to http://netsatlanticunion.org/campuscmnt/rick/

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