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"Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets..."

Luke 5:4

A message from the director

“Ordinarily you wouldn’t go to a baker to learn how to sew, or to a banker to learn how to cook, or to a carpenter to learn how to fish . . . unless that carpenter was Jesus. Two thousand years ago, a group of fishermen toiled all night long and had nothing to show for it. Then a carpenter told them to, “Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.” (Luke 5:4) The results of this woodworker’s unexpected fishing lesson were two boats so laden down with a catch that they nearly sank. Christ’s fishing methods today continue to fill the nets with fish for those who choose to follow them. Come be a part of the NETS experience, learn from the Master and, “Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men. ” - Kevin Sears

Prepare to...

  • Grow in your own relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Learn the skills to become a successful Bible worker
  • Use health evangelism as an integral part of winning people to Christ
  • Learn natural health remedies and disease prevention
  • Learn to share your faith with confidence
  • Answer difficult Bible questions
  • Learn principles of preaching
  • Learn how to effectively gain decisions for Christ
  • Gain a profound understanding of eschatological prophecy
  • Learn the message of righteousness by faith
  • Learn the principles of discipleship.
  • Experience the joy of organic gardening first hand
  • . . . and more!

Get to know the program

Classes at NETS provide extensive training in the areas of personal evangelism, health evangelism and public evangelism. In addition to these core areas of study, additional classes are given which will encourage personal spiritual growth in each NETS student.

NETS Evangelism Center Tuition

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A typical four-month certificate course would include classes in the following areas:

Personal Evangelism

Revival, door-to-door techniques, life changing Bible studies, Christ’s method of soul winning, share your faith with confidence, awaken spiritual interest, train your church for mission.”

Health Evangelism

Natural remedies, principles of massage, health expos, children’s health expos, vegan cooking classes, healthy lifestyle coaching.

Public Evangelism

Cycle of evangelism, evangelistic preaching, successful evangelistic series, appeals, gaining decisions for Christ, answering objections with confidence.

Personal Growth

Righteousness by faith, Daniel and Revelation, sanctuary, family life, literature evangelism, Adventist history, Spirit of prophecy, world religions, financial management, organic gardening, church planting, church growth, church structure and leadership, pastoral ministry, discipleship, homiletics.


For the outreach portion of the NETS certificate course curriculum, students will typically interact with the public in door-to-door ministry, literature evangelism work, in-home Bible studies, a health expo and children’s health expo, healthy lifestyle presentations, vegan cooking schools and an evangelistic series. NETS student have the opportunity to see community members make the journey from the first knock on their door to baptism and integration into a church family.

“One of my most favorite things as far as NETS is concerned is the learning style. I really like the fact that not only do I get classroom training but field training, as well. I like the fact that NETS spends the time to prepare a program that allows us to get a taste of evangelism for ourselves rather than just hear about how it has worked for others.” – Bo Suriner

Adventist Heritage Tour

One of the favorite parts of the NETS program is the Adventist Heritage Tour. Each semester, students visit the William Miller Farm and Chapel, Ascension Rock, the Washington Church in New Hampshire, the Village Church and Founders Hall. Don’t just learn about Adventist history at NETS – Be inspired when you see where it actually took place!

“Actually seeing a place where historical events happened gave me a vivid picture of what the people experienced during that time in history. Walking out to Ascension Rock let me see a whole new perspective on what October 22, 1844 must have been like. The trip to the Miller Farm made the story of Adventist history more real, and re-inspired me to become a significant part of it going forward. “ – Mckinzie

Guest Speakers

  • Ted Wilson (Mission & Message of the Remnant Church)
  • Mark Finley (Evangelism)
  • Derek Morris (Homiletics)
  • John Bradshaw (Evangelistic Preaching)
  • Ernestine Finley (Healthy Lifestyle Cooking)
  • Vicki Griffin (Cognitive Health)
  • Shawn Brace (Righteousness by Faith)
  • Stephen Bohr (Daniel, Revelation, Sanctuary)
  • G. Earl Knight (Church Structure and Leadership)
  • Skip MacCarty (Covenants)
  • Don Mackintosh (Health Evangelism)
  • Katia Reinert (Comprehensive Health Ministry)

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What is NETS Express?

NETS Express is a fast-paced, short-term version of the world-class NETS Evangelism Center. It is designed for busy people who may not be able to dedicate four months to the full NETS training experience. NETS Express is packed with relevant and timely evangelistic insights. The program includes time-tested methods that consistently produce results. NETS Express has something for everyone — the hesitant but willing church member as well as the experienced Bible worker. NETS Express will teach students to learn the power and beauty of combining health evangelism, personal evangelism, and public evangelism. Students of NETS Express leave with greater confidence as they return to their homes, churches, and schools to share Christ and the beautiful truths of His Word with others.


The NETS Express course is a one weekend intensive training. Beginning on Friday night and finishing on Sunday afternoon. We have a few courses coming up in 2017. The dates and locations will be posted as we go. The upcoming NETS Express is going to be held on

April 28-30 at

Merrimack Valley SDA church

408 Broadway Road

Dracut, MA 01826

Times of the training:

Saturday 9:40am-12:30pm, 2pm-5pm

Sunday 10am-4pm


  • Preaching – Learn how to preach dynamic, powerful messages
  • How to Study the Bible – Get even more out of your study of God’s Word
  • Bible worker training (personal evangelism) – How to share your faith with friends (and complete strangers!)
  • Combining health evangelism with traditional evangelism – The missing link to softening hearts
  • Gaining Decisions – Gain decisions without guilt or force by using Christ’s methods of persuasion
  • Overcoming objections – How obstacles can become opportunities
  • The cycle of evangelism – Getting the most out of the fewest resources

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  2. Speak with your local pastor or conference about setting up a NETS Express in your area.
  3. Pre-register through your church.

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