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NETS mission is to equip lay people in the art of leading souls to Christ and His church through inspiring faith in a loving Creator God and encouraging a passion for service to humanity.

What is NETS?

NETS is an evangelism training center that prepares soul-winners who are trained in Bible work, health evangelism, and public evangelism. During this 4-month training program, graduates are prepared for an entry-level career in lay ministry or to more effectively serve God in their own churches, communities, or schools. Endorsed by the General Conference and the North American Division, NETS is a part of the Atlantic Union Conference, is a certificate course of Atlantic Union College, and is dedicated to training students who are serious about realizing the potential that God has given them.

What Makes NETS Special


What makes a program strong? Experienced staff, strategic partnerships, committed supporters, sufficient resources, and most importantly, demonstrable results. There are many choices when it comes to evangelism centers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and each has its strengths. When you are considering your options, it might be worthwhile to ask, “What am I looking for in a program and what do I want to do once I graduate?"


The NETS program has three foci: personal evangelism (Bible work), health evangelism and public evangelism. We recognize that each of these three types of evangelism is effective, but it is when the three are seamlessly combined that real results can readily be seen. In small towns and big cities all around the world, the faculty at NETS have seen consistent results in bringing souls to Christ through the effective combination of personal, health, and public evangelism. NETS students don’t just learn about how to engage in evangelism, during the course of their training; they actually do it.


NETS is located on the beautiful campus of Atlantic Union College, right in the heart of New England. The Adventist Church has a rich history in this part of the country and our students have an opportunity to be a part of that history. Each semester our students visit the William Miller Farm and Chapel, Ascension Rock, and the Washington, New Hampshire Church (birthplace of the Seventh-day Adventist Church). Seeing where the Advent movement began helps put in perspective the special mission and goal that each one of us has and reignites the fire to finish this work as we understand that we truly are God’s special end time people.


Co-founded by Mark Finley and Donald King, the NETS Evangelism Center is a part of the Atlantic Union Conference, Atlantic Union College, and endorsed by the North American Division and the General Conference. These strategic partnerships allow NETS to access some of the leading instructors in evangelism. It also gives a unique perspective and valuable insights on the work the church is doing around the globe and the roles that they can play in the spread of the gospel.

Meet the Team

Kevin Sears


As a very successful Bible worker, ASI Youth For Jesus leader, and evangelism center director, Kevin contributes a unique and valuable combination of expertise to NETS. After Kevin met Christ through the Bible as a young adult all he wanted to do was share the wonderful goodness of God and truth for this time. Doors opened for him to train and work under some of the top evangelists of Adventism in numerous cities around the U.S., with many of his Bible study friends getting baptized. Kevin has since led and trained youth, Bible workers and pastors in programs and in evangelism schools across the U.S. and Europe.

Alina Terzi

Administrative Assistant

Alina is our newest team member at NETS. She brings to this position a varied and valuable work background, including administrative assistant to a law firm and specialized work with families and children. Committing her life to Jesus as a youth and encountering hard life decisions along the way, Alina discovered with amazement that when we decide to follow Jesus no matter what, God will bless and open new paths in remarkable ways. Led to NETS, she graduated from the 4 month program and has since joyfully divided her talents between running many of the background actions at NETS and going from house to house as a Bible Worker for the Southern New England Conference.


Ted Wilson

General Conference President

“NETS is a wonderful evangelistic training organization that is providing great assistance to the mission of the church especially for “Mission to the Cities.” You will not only be trained in how to do personal missionary and Bible work, but you will grow personally in your walk with the Lord as you see His power unfold in the life of those with whom you study.”

Mark Finley

Assistant to the General Conference President

“NETS is a practical, evangelistic training center which prepares Lay Bible Instructors with an emphasis on health evangelism that is unique. As you attend NETS you will receive top quality instruction from experienced teachers, participate in practical, hands on field work and experience evangelism at its best. I have no hesitation in recommending NETS to each potential student who has a heart for God and longs to be an effective witness in these last days of earth’s history.”

Dan Jackson

North American Division President

“Before Jesus returns a mass movement, Holy Spirit directed, will sweep around the globe heralding the glory and the greatness of God. The individuals involved in that great-final thrust of God’s work will be those who have committed their lives to Him and who have involved themselves in ministry to others. NETS provides a timely opportunity to our lay people to prepare and involve themselves in God’s final visitation to planet earth.”

G.Earl Knight

Atlantic Union Conference President

“The training that students receive from NETS will give them the confidence to participate in community engagement, conduct Bible studies, and help others to learn about Christ through healthful living seminars. The program will not only help students to develop soul winning skills but also help them to grow spiritually.”

Katia Reinert

North American Divsion Health Ministry Director

“The NETS program brings a wonderful opportunity for people to be equipped in comprehensive health ministry. It teaches people effective approaches to reach individuals, families and the community with a message of health and wholeness in Christ.”

John Amoah

Southern New England Conference Ministerial and Evangelism Director

“NETS is here to provide effective and practical strategies for outreach, nurturing, and proclamation of the good news. Partnering with NETS will provide you with the tools and the training you need to renew your faith in Jesus Christ and to be equipped to share your faith with others in all situations in life.”

Mark Gagnon

Pastor, Leominster Seventh-day Adventist Church, Massachusetts

“The impact of NETS on our local church family and those students who participated was a blessing for all! The NETS program will richly reward those who have a passion to make a real difference for the Kingdom of God and whose desire it is to advance His cause.”

Bob Cundiff

President, Northern New England Conference

“Jesus teaches us that we need to be fishers of men and women. As such, we fishermen need to learn how to fish. NETS has proven to be a blessing to the fishermen in our conference who have taken this admonition of Christ to heart. It has strengthened fishing skills, encouraged, motivated and supported our people in a powerful way. We are encouraging all our members to receive training from NETS.”

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